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CPE has been a leader in the craft felt category for 25 years. We continue to provide quality felt products for multiple uses from general craft and costuming to industrial applications. Our product line includes basic soft craft felt, printed soft felt, E-Z Felt (stiffened for rigidity), Stick-It Felt (stiffened with adhesive back), Stick-It Felt Shapes, Quick Stick Felt (soft with adhesive back), Glimmer Felt, Premium felt. From 9×12 sheets and felt by the yard, we carry it all!

We have a wide base of customers who love to make all types of crafts. Some of their favorites include costumes from our Premium felt, kids school projects,

home décor pieces like pillows and wreaths, story flannel boards, puppets, bulletin boards, dolls, stuffed animals, blankets, stage decorations, seasonal crafts and decorations, and many more!

Felt is an affordable crafting basic that you’re sure to love!


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